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Is it Water Proof?

Made from extra compressed nylon fabric which makes it water-resistant. Can withstand light from moderate rain.

How many guests can it cover?

For the standard size 50 feet in diameter, it can cover approximately 450 standing pax or 13-16 units of 10-seater round tables.

How high is it?

It's center peak is 23 feet tall while the circular edges can be 18-20 feet tall depending on how high the tying points are.

What type of venues can it be installed?

The parachute tent is perfect on closed areas like gardens, quadrangles, outdoor dining areas, basketball courts, etc. 

Can it be installed without the pole?

Yes! As long as there is a center point that's 23 feet or higher where the head of the parachute tent can be hung from. Request an Ocular Inspection for a better assessment of your venue.

Does this come with lights?

Certainly. With a certain amount of price.

How can I order?

Click here to book an ocular inspection of the venue right now.

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