No tent seems enough? 

Oval Tents are the one for the job! These tents are much more capable of covering large venues for your events and-more convenient. Instead of buying or renting several, this great tent would make sure you, and your guests are covered and comfortable under the sun. Even with rain.

Save a lot while having more.

All can be personalized from size, style, and up to your company or event's color theme.


How big is it?

Its exact measurements are 50 x100 feet;

similar to a size of a standard whole basketball court.

How many guests can it cover?

It can cover approx 1500 standing pax or 25-30 10-seater round tables.

How high is it?

It's center peak is 23 feet tall while the circular edges can be 18-20 feet tall depending on how high the tying points are.

Is it safe?

Yes it is! As long as there are stable and strong tying points around the place where the tent ends can be tied to.

What type of venues can it be installed?

The parachute tent is perfect on closed areas like gardens, quadrangles, outdoor dining areas, basketball courts, etc. 

How many poles does it need?

It requires 3 metal poles placed on its spine.

How can I order?

Click here to book an ocular inspection of the venue right now.